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Break Up With The Way You’ve Been Conditioned To Date... Immediately!

Start practicing a dating approach that gives you unbothered confidence, to stop the disempowering desire to be chosen. Instead step into your power, to confidently choose The Right Love™️, suitable for the modern woman you are.

To do this, you need The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts

GET The Right Love Dating Journaling Prompts


Finally Learn How To Never Again Waste Time And Emotional Investment

In The Wrong Man


You get a simple yet powerful journaling guide to master intentional dating and set yourself up for The Right Love™️ 

In Just A Few Days You Could Learn... 

  • How to identify the kind of man with essential qualities you need to complement the woman you are now 

  • And the woman you are becoming

Wouldn't This Be More Useful Than...

  • Betraying who you are just to say I have a man?

  • Being 'picked' and trying to validate yourself through

    a relationship?

  • Believing that you have to lower your standards?

  • Accepting that just having a man is enough?

  • Shrinking yourself to stay in a relationship?

  • Times have changed but we haven't really changed the way we date.
    Don't you think it's time to change our dating approach accordingly?
    I'm talking about an approach and practice that is anchored in deep connection, safety and trust.

Here's The Issue ...

You know that in this modern age, you want ‘your person’, to have an emotional, physical and intellectual connection with you. You want to love and be loved. You know if you allow someone into your life you want to build a fulfilling life with them. 

But that can only happen if you know how to identify The Right Love™️ first.

The business as usual approach is tragically male worship and detrimental to your well being. I know this, you know this, most women know this BUT why do you keep repeating the same painful cycle believing that for you, it will be different? It won't.

I Get It, It's All Social Conditioning

But as a Socially Conditioned Woman if you don't interrupt the outdated dating pattern of being chosen, your relationship cycles will feel like this...

  • Left out when you're single

  • Willing to make a man your everything diminishing yourself

  • Riddled with anxiety in the relationship hoping you are doing everything possible to 'keep' him

  • Exhausted from the predictable disappointments that started when you were dating but you ignored them believing you'd change him

  • Chronically looking outward to please yet disconnected from yourself 

  • In a relationship or married but lonely and depressed.

  • Depleted and unable to recognise yourself in the mirror.

  • But That's Only If You Don't Interrupt The Pattern

    Can You Imagine A Relationship Where...

    You don't have to live on high alert worrying about someone breaking your heart or embarrassing you? 

    • Loved faithfully both privately and publicly

    • Unapologetically loved

    • Fully appreciated

    • Loved without compromise, fully expressed, being all of you. Respected.

    • Loved in such a way that you never have to feel like you need to minimise yourself or self edit to maintain the relationship and 'keep' 🙄a man.

    What Would Happen?

    I'm thinking you would be your unique version of Ciara levelled up, loved.

    Confident, unbridled joy. That, I'm with The Right Love™️ glow. That 'I'm fulfilled' loved up radiance. It’s the kind of confidence showing, you took time to redefine love for yourself.

    The kind of levelling up that shows that you've un-learned harmful relationship dynamics and reconstructed love your way to set yourself up for The Right Love™️

    Does this sound like something you want?

    If you're interested I have something to help you start this journey today.


    The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts

    The no BS guide to ensure that you....

    Never Again Waste Time And Emotional Investment In The Wrong Man.

    Yes! I need this!

    Coaching Client Testimonial

    Here’s what Rue had to say when I coached her on The Right Love™️ Approach which consists of 

    The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts.

    So, exactly what am I getting with the prompts?

    • The answer to: How do I choose ''The Right Love™️ for me?’’ Page 2

    • My personal practice to protecting your mental well being. (Hint: it takes just 30 minutes each week to check in with yourself and set the mood for the week) Most women stay in abusive relationships because they don’t check in with themselves and practice this often. When you are emotionally conscious you're emotionally intelligent enough to separate yourself from harmful relationships. Page 5 - 7

    • IMPORTANT! The most effective question you can ever ask yourself to determine if the person you want to date is in alignment with what you desire for your life. Page 8

    • The 6 uncompromising prompts focussing on him, for a struggle proof approach to determine compatibility for long term growth, safety and respect. (So you don’t have to worry about social hierarchy and those tedious and unnecessary ‘know your place’ olympics). Pages 10 -15

    • The 6 deeply honest reflection prompts focussing on SELF, to un-learn the socially conditioned blindspots that keep you in a loop of performative expectations and perceptions about dynamics that do not serve you. Pages 17 - 22 

    • The Self Affirmed Woman’s approach to deciding whether or not someone is worth emotionally investing in or not. (A shockingly easy YES/NO checklist of questions to reveal the truth about how the person you want to be with makes you feel). Page 24

    • The life saving common sense approach used by a Self Affirmed Woman when she thinks she sees red flags. Page 25

    • Focussing and learning from the elements that will support you in minimising the chances of you feeling like you need to reclaim your time and energy in the future. Pages 26 - 32

    • If this sounds like the way to master intentional dating so you never again waste time and emotional investment in the wrong man like I mentioned in the beginning then get your copy now!

    • Let Me Get My Download Now!

    Ok Moira, so you’re saying if I reflect on these prompts and use them as a foundation I will...

    • Stop dating men who are addicted to their own convenience

    • Stop lowering my standards for the perception of more options

    • Stop settling (it’s a slow soul extinguishing death)

    • Date away from the feelings of depletion, lied to, struggle, confusion, fear of loneliness, and expectations.

      Date into respect,  ease, understanding, clarity, boundaries and mutual growth

    • Finally raise my standards to make room for the things that are aligned with the liberated expanded joyous version of myself

    • Realise that each time I lowered my standards I was shown the harsh reality of why it was such a monumentally bad idea

    • Learn to practice self preservation while dating, because I’ve been conditioned to practise self denial while dating

    • Date in ways that keep me emotionally, financially, and spiritually free

    • Realise that I need to love myself like my life depends on it and date with a sense of self preservation like my life depends on it...because it does.

    Thing is, as a Socially Conditioned Woman the bar has been set at the foot of the scale, below low.. so it doesn’t take much to ‘appear’ better

    The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts will help you Un-learn being wowed by the bare minimum.

    It’s also a  journaling practice that will stop you comparing men with other men instead of comparing potential partners to YOUR ideal standards and needs.

    The benefits of using The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts are clearly priceless but today, just £27!

    Give Me Access


    Me: 👀 Stares in Gen X incredulous silence, thinking... ‘You serious?’ and rapidly side eyeing you up and down.
    Girl! Your guarantee is your ability to do the work.

    Let’s see, you're risking the equivalent of maybe 5 Iced White Mocha's With Sweet Cream Foam and Extra Caramel Drizzle.😋
    So it’s really a question of you showing up for yourself. If you can’t bet on yourself to do the work for just £27, then you might need to consider what the emotional and mental labour of making it up as you go along is going to cost you?
    I’ll be here when you come back however, walking away now is the bigger emotional, mental and experiential risk. IJS🤷🏾‍♀️

    Buy it now, apply it and see how it transforms your dating approach and love life.

    Shh, Moira! I'll get it now.
    You don't have to be loud.

    Still here, huh? 

    Alright, I’m sensing you’re a little undecided so let me help you out.

    These prompts are ideal for you when...  

    • You may or may not be into personal development...

    • and you know you need to change your approach to something that actually serves you.

    • You are taking a break from dating...

    • on a healing path and you want to be prepared for when you start dating.

    • You are in a relationship and feel like you’re getting the bare minimum

    • and you need something to help you reevaluate the relationship.

    • You are actively dating and looking for that definitive guide

    • that takes the guesswork out of the question: 'Is he the one?’.

    • You are intentionally single

    • and are thinking that maybe one day you might want to dip your toe in the water again, so you’re curious about the kind of intentional work you’ll need to do to set yourself up for the right love.

    • You’ve been taught to date the religious way but

    • you’ve always known that there had to be another way that supports your well being. You’ve found it!

    • You’ve attempted other courses and programs

    • from relationship ‘gurus’ but you were still left feeling like something was missing. This is the foundation you needed. 

    • You are ready to stop accepting the bare minimum

    • and ready to focus on seeing alignment in your potential partner's character.

    • You are ready to get it right, you’re done seeing how things go,

    • and you just want to know if you’re on the same journey or not.

    Still scrolling? Ok, I'll play along.😉

    You want to know about me?

    The Right Love Coach: Moira Chigariro

    I'm Moira, I'm looking forward to cheering you on and supporting you, on your Right Love journey.

    After working with numerous women in 1 on 1 sessions and group settings over the past 8 years, I can conclusively say that the life-transforming and affirming answers we seek, are always ignited by the quality of questions we ask.

    Relationships don’t just NOT work. They don’t work because we choose to ignore, downplay, tolerate, normalise or accept the things we needed to challenge, create boundaries for, have resolution based conversations about or simply walk away from.

    No-one equips women with the clarity and tools to support them in making relationship choices that give them a real opportunity to experience a fulfilling relationship.

    This is why I can’t wait for you to get your hands on The Right Love™️ Dating Journaling Prompts, so you can finally raise your standards for alignment in your potential partner's character.

    It's time to set yourself up for The Right Love™️ by not just focusing on ‘getting a man’ but knowing how to identify The Right Love.

    Did I mention that hubby and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year? It’s magical how you can focus on just living when your relationship is a safe soft landing space. That can only come with being with The Right Love™️

    I look forward to hearing your right love approach story and how you used the prompts to choose your peace, either unapologetically single or within a loving and supportive relationship.  

    I really have to go now, but I see you still have a few final questions, 🙂 well I’ve got answers.

    Is it editable? 

    No, it's read-only. This PDF is for you to use as a guide with your favourite journal.

    Can I view this on all devices?

    Yes, it’s in portrait and viewable on all devices

    Can I go at my own pace?

    Other people go through this within 7 days of purchase just to get their head around it, then come back to it regularly while dating. So when and how you use it is at your pace.

    Is it available as a physical copy with journaling space?

    Not yet, but maybe in the future.

    Do I need to be in therapy for this to work for me?

    This works for anyone with a desire to self reflect and do better.


    for JUST £27